Nothing grim about this…

Rogers Gardens has announced their annual Halloween Boutique Opening “Grimm Tales” will debut on Friday, September 2nd @ 9:00am!  Visiting this amazing boutique yearly has become a favorite for me and I hope you find time to stop by, it will not disappoint.


“…and the Storyteller paused…
and it was as if the wonders he retold had cast a spell upon him…”-A.E.

“The forest is dark and enchanted…branches creak and leaves rustle as trees close in, obscuring the path home.  Wander deep into the shadows and you’ll find frightful folklores, fantastical stories and chilling tales.  These bedtime stories will give you nightmares, and you’ll discover that not all fairy tales end happily-ever-after.” –Rogers Gardens



It will be Halloween on the 113th day from today.  Already I am feeling the creeps (in a good way) about what is upcoming for this season’s revels.  Whispers of shops displaying their seasonal goods, of possible costume choices that will need to be arranged or assembled,  of annual stops at local “haunts”, of themes and scenes, tastes and treats.  Halloween falls on a Monday this year and while that means a big weekend to distort, display and discover, it also means five weekends to prepare! Yay for the bit of extra time, something always so looked for by Haunters and those extra days will certainly be put to good use.  Time for me to start dragging out boxes and designing variants for outside decor – but its a wonderful problem to work on.  Perhaps something really simple?  Maybe something literary?  Throw a party? Go to one?  Both?  Whatever Halloween 2016 ends up being, I know it will be filled with everything I can’t anticipate – that is the yearly treat I look forward to.  The unexpected, that which is freely given by all of you Haunters out there.  Good fortune this upcoming Fall to all!