Mirth and Musings Part 2

I pause in the midst of my Hallowreads posts to assert how really beautiful I find all of the creepy, cooky, colorful, chilling or uncanny decor that goes up to create the mischievous mask of Halloween in yards and garages, on front porches and driveways. Much appreciation to you all. It’s just 20 days now and I feel the duality of wanting time to slow and quicken as my anticipation heightens and my need for more time increases. Those orange lights I see going up calm both. Christmas is nothing to it. I always feel that looking at those fine holiday displays of lights in December is like peering through shop windows, very fine and under glass, removed and distant. Whereas Halloween decorations are enjoyed up close, where we are invited right up to the doorways to immerse ourselves in the experience. Yay.


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