The ‘Eve Approaches

Eve of the ‘Eve

Harried preparation

Porchlights all a-glare

Breath held in expectation

Of whom we hope to scare


Pleased anticipation

Is the order of the night.

Waiting on congregation

As capriciousness takes flight


Necksore from constant craning

We side eye here and there

Glad that it’s not raining

On the Haunt we want to share


Footfalls drawing nearer

Ears prickle at the sound

Rustles of hustled furor

Echoed through the ground


What gathering of stitches

represent the costume trends?

Is it a group of witches?

Or super hero friends?


Is that a ghostly meeting

In the yard just down the bend?

Or perhaps just soggy sheeting

Drying in the wind


Alas it’s just a lone dog

Not werewolves on parade

Just dry leaves scraping sidewalks

And not a zombie raid


It’s just the neighbor’s car alarm

And not a banshee shrieking

No haunted house but backdoor

That’s making such a creaking


Is that a bubbling witches brew

assailing my senses?

Or just the smoke of burning jack’o’s

sat upon some fences.


Pinecones dropped at random

Aren’t spiders on attack

Not thrills but chills in tandem

Cause those shivers down my back


Patience sorely tested

Spirits wait for their reprieve

Sure to end up fete and fested

On this eve of Hallows Eve

-a.e. (Revision)


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