A Trick of the Eye, a Treat for the Soul


For those of you awed by the odd…Haunters everywhere, a good night!

Whispered words of patience, tickling my ear

The summer crawl, the wait for fall

That highlight of the year


random scribbled drawings, and mundane seeming lists

will help devise a dark surprise

a Hallows Evening tryst


long preoccupation upon a nightmare scene

as yard or lot like canvas taut

transformed by grisly theme


silently I labor, and daily it unfolds

all to create fright filled landscape

the Haunters story told


months in preparation, at last the visions done

the lights the fog the folks agog

a play for old and young


hordes dwindle slowly with anticipation sated

I’m left with thoughts of greater plots

annually fated


I wouldn’t change a moment, or alter inclination

I’ll persevere, each hallowed year

In this haunters occupation.

Revise by A.E., September 2017


Once again I update you on the various scrumptious offerings in pumpkin flavored treats to be had at your local Trader Joe’s.  Already gone through the seeds you roasted in October?  These bags of Pumpkin Seeds will satisfy that crunch that ice cream and pie can’t meet. Healthful and delicious and great when watching football. Good at Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas.  An all-arounder that is too yummy to pass up! I’ve got mine.



Paciugo Gelato is meeting the need for pumpkin flavored yumminess that drives cravings this time of the year with their offering of a Spiced Pumpkin gelato thru November 27th.  Since Dallas based Paciugo has locations across the United States, chances are you are within driving distance of this amazingly flavored treat.  The spiciness comes from copious yet restrained amounts of clove in their mixture which builds as you devour it, I ordered mine doubled with their Dark Chocolate Fondente and all I can say is its well worth the caloric investment. Although gelato has roughly 70% less fat than premium ice cream without any loss of flavor or satisfying creaminess.  So indulge if you can. Did I mention they can turn any of their gelato flavors into lattes?  They don’t use syrups either. Sooo good.





Trader Joe’s does it again. Quickly rising to the top of retail establishments offering pumpkin flavored delights, their Super Premium Pumpkin Ice Cream is a home run.  In fact, you should stop reading this post and go out and buy some, no kidding.  I found this ice cream to be richly flavored, abundantly spiced and smoother than any pie filling or cream cheese version of any traditional pumpkin desert that I’ve ever had.  If I have a criticism, I miss a little crunch to play off the creaminess.  Some nice additions would be crumbled graham crackers, or chopped walnuts. True decadence can be found with chocolate syrup. Gotta go, mine’s melting…



I really hope you’ve got a Panera Bread shop near you because their Pumpkin Pie Bagel is an amazing monster like creation of pumpkin pie streusel flavoring atop their normally delicious bagels.  The spice flavored bagel is reminiscent of a cinnamon roll, but the clove and nutmeg are what bring the pie-ness alive.  The addition of cream cheese is both decadent and highly recommended.



One of the more fun aspects of this time of the year is the appearance of pumpkin flavored everything on the market.  Here, there and everywhere one can find examples of the orange winter squash in breakfast, lunch and dinner foods on grocery shelves and retail establishments. Numerous candies, snacks and beverages too.  Oooh so little time. Here are some examples and favorites:


Sees Candies



Barnes & Noble



Barnes & Noble



Barnes & Noble



William Sonoma