Mirth and Musings Part 13


I bid you all a wonderful, magical, terrifying, spooky, surprising, delectable, beguiling, bewitching, shivers down your spine All Hallows Eve!  Hope at the end of it you all get what you were hoping for, with a fair share of surprises along the way.  No haunt for me this year, finances prevented, but for the first time in years I am out and about.  Trying new things can be exciting, though I admit to some trepidation as I venture beyond the yard.  I will miss the doorbells and knocks, the shrieks and costume parade.  As the curtain rises on all the hard work of you Haunters out there I will light candles (placed inside pumpkins) to your diligence, creativity, and perseverance.    I applaud you all and wish you well.  See you on the other side.

Pumpkin Sincerity

...hauntingly beautiful...

…hauntingly beautiful…

I am late to the party, but I made it at last.  My thanks to Countdown to Halloween for including me again this year, 2014!  I thought it would be nice to highlight the pumpkin patch in Halloween lore.  And I will be making a study of them in the countdown to the night.  To all who will be visiting the blog this year, welcome and hope you enjoy the ride.  Here is my first offering, a tribute if ever there was one to the most sincere pumpkin patch to be found, such is the stuff of dreams.

Artist credit Nicolas Delort

What’s your wish?

Love this scene at the end of A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving, 1973.  Each time I watch I wait for the moment Snoopy and Woodstock are left to their own celebration.  Here at the end of their meal is what I refer to as the “Wishbone Protocol”.  While I am thankful for many things, my wish is to always have my husband with me on Thanksgiving, he is a soldier and we’ve missed too many in the last twelve years of our twenty year marriage.   Although we share ”Anydays”, it is nice to have him here on the days when others are doing the same. So mine has come true. How about you?


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